Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is in the air!

It started snowing at our house this morning! it ended up snowing all day long, it looks very pretty!
 Carson had just woken up, see his bed head? He watched it snow for almost a half hour, he can even say snow now!

Carson also got a new hat today, see it up close Here He loves wearing hats and shirts, but pants are a work in progress, even when it is cold and snowing!

The First Day of Christmas...

and then there was two

This is Carson's Halloween Candy Corn hat that my aunt made. The hat was much loved by Carson, see him Here relaxing in it! So I went down south for Thanksgiving with the family and my aunt taught me how to make these hats. It begins with a round knitting loom like this one:
I stitched about 16 rows, then doubled the finished piece up to make a nice rim to the hat. Then I added red to it, and a white puff ball. Carson now has a Santa Hat for Christmas to wear!
He loves these hats, and they are so easy to make!