Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 3!

Here are my favortie shows!!! I am a little bummed right now though, because they are all on a break :( I have to wait until next summer for them to come back.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Carson's Camo Hat

I began this hat yesterday afternoon, I really wanted carson to have a warm beenie, and camo seems boy enough :)

This was the hat half way done around lunch time today.

And this is the hat completed in less than 24 hours! :) Yes I did sleep!!! Its really not a hard process, and its pretty relaxing! I will post tutorial videos on how to make a hat some day! :)

Day 2...

Once again I cannot pick just one movie that is my favorite. I can however pick two :) My two all time favorite movies are

Dirty Dancing


The Princess Bride

I think Dirty Dancing is a pretty obvious one, I like the dancing, Patrick and the whole concept of summer love. This movie is a fictional explanation of how dirty dancing began and flourished, shocking the parents, but taking over the dance floor. This movie is inspirational in its self. I can curl up to watch this any day! (the only thing that sucks, one the new DVD you need a remote to play the movie, and my remote likes to go on vacation regularly)

I love The Princess Bride, because it is a traditional fairy tale, but for grown ups. It's a little more sick and twisted, but that is because its following more closely to the book. I also really like this one, because in speech and debate in high school I had to play Vicinii, and I loved it! Who doesn't like a movie with fight scenes, pirates, princesses and Rodents Of Unusual Size?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days of Me... Day 1

I was roaming around the internet today, and found Sarah's blog The Charmed Mom with a post about how she didn't know what to write on the days that she finally had time too. A friend gave her an idea to do thirty days about herself. You can find her original posting Here I thought I would "join" her! So here's the schedule:

Day One: Your Favorite Song

Day Two: Your Favorite Movie

Day Three: Your Favorite Television Program

Day Four: Your Favorite Book

Day Five: Your Favorite Quote

Day Six: 20 of My Favorite Things

Day Seven: A Photo That Makes You Happy

Day Eight: A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad

Day Nine: A Photo You Took

Day Ten: A Photo Taken Over Ten Years Ago of You

Day Eleven: A Photo of You Recently

Day Twelve: Something You are OCD About

Day Thirteen: A Fictional Book

Day Fourteen: A Non-Fictional Book

Day Fifteen: Your Dream Home

Day Sixteen: A Song That Makes You Cry (Or Nearly)

Day Seventeen: An Art Piece (Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Etc)

Day Eighteen: Your Wedding/Future Wedding

Day Nineteen: A Talent of Yours

Day Twenty: A Hobby of Yours

Day Twenty-one: A Recipe

Day Twenty-two: A Website

Day Twenty-three: A Youtube Video

Day Twenty-four: Where I Live

Day Twenty-five: Your Day, In Great Detail

Day Twenty-six: Your Week, In Great Detail

Day Twenty-seven: My Worst Habit

Day Twenty-eight: Whats in My Handbag/Purse

Day Twenty-nine: My Hopes, Dreams, Plans, For the Next 365 Days

Day Thirty: A Dream for The Future Beyond the Next Year

So here goes Day 1:

I don't really have on favorite song, I like to many kinds of music, and too many of the songs to pick just one. A song that has been stuck in my head for days, but I haven't grown tired of is this one:

Sugarland "Stuck Like Glue"

Picture of the day

Nothing better than watching Caillou in his candy corn hat!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eye opener

It is so easy for us to get caught up in being the best. Everyone wants to be the best looking and have the fastest shiny car. Everyone is striving to be the best in the pent house suite with the most money. Very few people care about who they wreck on their way to the top. All they care about is getting there. What happens when you make it and you are all alone? Maybe its time to pick a day where you watch out for the people you would usually make your personal door mat. Take some time to help them to the top of their goal. When this becomes habit more people will make it, and you will have a whole crowd cheering you on to yours, and a big party when you make it! If you need help on your way let me know ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Storms are beautiful, and colorful leaves are even better. Together and the scene is just amazing!

Picture of the day

Just like a man needs his reading material on the potty :)

New Vocab!!!

Carson has taken to saying a few other words lately!!









Other words he has known are:


Thank you


Kitty Kitty















I think I have covered all of them, if not I will add more  :) I cannot believe the way he talks now though, its great.  I am still trying to get him to understand that a cow is not called a horse, and all birds arent ducks, but its pretty cute as it is :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Someone told me I wasn't an adult yet. I'm twenty and I am raising a child on my own. I don't think I am a child or a teenager any more. I quit being one at seventeen. I have made decisions no one at my age should have to make. I chose to go against some people and not get an abortion. I chose to stay in a bad relationship for the sake of my son. I chose not to move to Oregon to go to college so I could keep my son close to his family. Carson has always come first. I probably would have given up on school if it wasn't for him. He has been me reason to do better even when it stresses me out too much. I have pushed threw the hard things because in my mind there's no other option. I picked up and moved across the country for my son. I left all I am familiar with behind because I know I have a better chance at success here. I made the hard decision to move my son away from his dad. His dad is a great dad, just a bad significant other. I won't lie, I cried on the floor of my empty house and thought about how much I was changing not only my life, but Carson's, his dad's, his dad's family, and mine. I laid there praying I really was doing the best thing, then got up and locked the door to the first place that was mine, forever. I have made a large number of these types of decisions. Don't tell me I am thinking or behaving like a child. Every movement in my life requires a large amount of thought, and children don't do that.