Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Home Evening: Family History

Tonight we learned about Family History. 
We listed to "Family History - I am Doing It" and read Joseph Smith - History 1:39. Then we talked about the importance of knowing our family history. 
After that we colored pictures of our family, while listening to "Families Can Be Together Forever" 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It is part of Arizona's curriculum that the seventh graders study space. Since I work with seventh graders I have gotten quite a bit of star gazing in this year. (Really its mostly been book work, but star gazing sounds more fun.) Space fascinates me! There is a place some where in the universe that looks like this:

(picture linked to source)

The Hubble telescope captures amazing pictures everyday. So many worlds, and so many possibilities! It really is a shame that space exploration is no longer a priority of our government. 

(picture linked to source)

Each star has its own set of planets. The red giant in this picture has used all the hydrogen in its core. 

Recently Bird and I went up to Lost Dutchmen for a star gazing activity. It was pretty fun!! It was part of Arizona's SciTech Festival. I would absolutely recommend taking advantage of SciTech next year! There are tons of low cost science activities! The star gazing one we went to though was really amazing. There was five or six telescopes set up for us to look through. I am talking huge monster telescopes, nothing like your backyard hobbyist's. I was able to even snap a few pictures with my phone up against the lens of the telescope!

This one is of Jupiter. We could see all of the moons, but they did not show up in the pictures.

Here is our very own beloved moon! 

What can I say? I am a science buff, I always have been, and always will be. 
What excites you?