Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quote of the Day!

Sexy doesn't mean I look good, sexy means I can look at you good. We don't want to be "sexy" we want to be beautiful. So tell your girl she's beautiful today!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Let's Go Fly a Kite"

I have not written much because of the medications I am on. I have never done any drugs so I have no tolerance for even prescriptions. My current meds make me higher than high. It will be about seven more days before I am fully functional again. :( I am sorry I will catch up soon! I just didn't think you would want to read a post about a girl that's a little impaired.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This busy mom is out of commission. I knew I had kidney stones. I have a bad knee, so naturally the weird back and leg pain I blew off to those. Turns out I have a small fracture in my pelvis, no idea how that happened. And strep throat, on top of kidney stones, go figure, that's just my luck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aww cute Picture :)

My Opinion. (Ok its a rant, but don't say I didn't warn you)

I have so many ideas, and opinions today I don't even know where to start! I made this AMAZING list of topics, and paced my self out with them, and now I want to skip my first topic!! That is me for you, I have way to many EXCITING ideas, my blonde brain can't handle it.

First thing, is it sad my blackberry is better than my computer? I can text away the whole post on that thing, and it will fix all the errors! I don't have to put in apostrophes and capitalize, What a pain! Oh and I SUCK at spelling, the phone fixes it automatically! With the computer I still have to go into spell check, really?! really?! that's pathetic!

Second thing, Don't freaking tell me its time for my kid to be potty trained. He's not even two yet for God's sake, I am so proud that he has even shown interest and peed in the potty. Your kid is older and your kid isn't potty train. Don't make yourself feel better by putting me down. This chic has a freakin five year old still in diapers, not pull ups, or training pants, DIAPERS! I am glad my kid isn't old enough to understand how to aim at the cheerios in your toilet bowl. My son will still be "dropping the kids off at the pool" before yours!

Third thought, Don't pick your nose and drive, just because my eyes are on the road doesn't mean I'm not looking. Heck this is my only time to openly look for hotties with out trying to be sneaky.

Another thing I was thinking about. Justin Bieber. "Bieber Fever" has hit every where, but he just frustrates me. He is too young to be talking about love and romance the way he does. Your trip around the sandbox, and over the crosswalk to McDonalds with that chic wasn't love. I'm just saying. You just need "Somebody to Love" ?? Sure so do I and the other half of the world. Boy go home and love your Momma! She deserves it!

I was told today that I am loving. It made me smile, because it came from such a true friend I don't think I have ever been angry with them. I hope it stays that way, because they might not think I am loving after that. After some thought though I realized this is my problem. I love too much. I fall in love easily, and I love for a long time, so I am blind to the flaws longer than most. Why me? Not only is my poker face broken but I love too much. The only good thing that has come from this is my lack of trust. I know doesn't sound good, but mess with me once, I don't trust you again. It will always be lurking in the back ground. Keep your slate clean and we will do just fine!

Gym Daycares. Do you realize what they pay us? And you want to walk in there treating us like crap, while we watch your nasty mean kid so you can take a break. Don't lie, you know what your kid is like, you should be bringing us presents! We have one kid who is terrible, been kicked out of several gyms already. That's right he is so bad other gyms have talked to us to warn us! The other day he tells mom, "I hate this place time for us to find a new gym." It took everything I had to hold my tongue. "Please do" was screaming in my head. I am sorry, but I don't have much patience for a kid that socked mine, and hit me all in the same day.

Hospitals: No way in hell, not even if McDreamy is there to hold my hand. If you haven't figured that out, I think I just explained it well enough. I will only go kicking and screaming, or strapped down and unconscious.

Crayola makers: LIES!!! They are so not washable, it just fades.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: AMAZING, this is God's sponge, he just accidentally dropped it.

I am sorry I ranted today, but I had some strong opinions I felt needed sharing. If you are a new reader please forgive me and try again soon, just imagine the line was busy, and you didn't get through. Regular readers, comment! and you get to play pretend too. I am your favorite restaurant, the new waitress sucks, but you will keep coming back. For now its best to call out, "Check Please!" and run for the door!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I spent a majority of the morning being sick. I thought this scratchy throat of mine was just stress, but its getting worse. It has been two weeks now since I had a working voice that sounded normal. I guess its time to see the doctor. Its a good thing I already have an appointment next week.

Baby's Daddy came over to pick up more of his stuff. Slowly but surely this house will be filled with only my stuff. I am moving everything left into the spare room so I can proceed with decorating! I am going to use this picture in my bedroom:

Its from Nonie's trip to Greece with the Ice Cream Man. I love it, and she made me a huge copy. I am thinking one blue wall and three pretty pictures will make my room AMAZING! After this, Bird's room!

Later in the evening I went to dinner with Matthew and ten other people to network with them! I met quite a few people that I hope to continue relationships with! I didn't get to talk too much with Matthew's wife, but the little bit that I did, I love her! She is so smiley and happy! I also met a very nice guy who works for Century Fox. He has many stories to share, I look forward to hearing more. He started at Harkins ripping tickets, and now he works with stars, you can do anything you put your mind to! I met three couples there too. One couple was very sweet, I hope to be in a relationship like theirs someday. In the second couple, one was an interior designer, and the other helped businesses manage and over come debt. The last couple I sat down with was a fun set! They meshed so well, they own an auto repair shop, and he sings karaoke on the side! Because the theater changed movie times on us I was not able to make the movie. I was a little bummed since we were seeing Inception. Yeah yeah I have seen it twice, but its that good!

On the way home from dinner my back pain came back, ten fold. I even contemplated the hospital, which is a big deal for me. I usually choose pain and suffer over hospitals. Especially if it means I have to go there alone. Nope, not for me! Said back pain is the reason for my doctors appointment. For now I will stick to Tylenol, which, is what I really need right now. I just have to make it to Wednesday.

Overall though dinner makes up for my malfunctioning back. The food was great (BJ's Brewery) and the company even better!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Early Bird

This is Carson about five minutes after he gets up:

I wish I had his energy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I am catching up!

I finally joined the BlackBerry world! Now Busy Mom is posting on the go! What do you want to hear about? I love to give my opinions and answer questions!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

Friday morning, was a bunch of WORK! Nothing much to talk about there. Clock in, take a kid potty, time out for another, pull so and so off of the kid that probably deserved to be hit, rock a baby, potty again, whip a nasty nose (gross!), dirty diaper, go find mom, victory dance when problem child leaves, potty, time out, play Scooby Doo because he’s just that cool, potty, time out, clock out! That morning consisted of one monster, one iced coffee, and a sugar free redbull, in reality much more was needed, but I think I hit my limit for a four hour time period! Luckily school has started, so the older problem kids are off to terrorize their teachers every day, not us! Weird thing was, there were a ton of kids there Friday that were way too old to not be in school. Home school at the gym????

I flew as fast as possible home to clean, and change into my favorite green dress. I had a party to go to! On the way there I was stuck in traffic because west side residences don’t know how to merge!!!! So I pulled off the high way to cut some time on main streets. Almost got shot when someone else cut me off in a bad neighborhood. I will never get off the highway again!

Saturday Bird went to daddy’s while this busy mom went to relax at the movies with her movie-gossip-gal. We saw Eat Pray Love! It was amazing! I am going to have a relationship with my food more often, and not care about a muffin top and fat jeans. Who will be my buddy to button my pants?

Later that afternoon Bird and I met up with Simply You Photography to have a Mommy and me shoot! Bird played with Honey the dog, a ball, bubbles, and everything else, not Mommy. I think it turned into a Bird shoot, which is great, because that means there will be more up on his site, Bird's Nest, soon! Then we proceeded to a birthday party, and watched the cardinals win with the guys! It sure turned out to be the best day for Bird!

Sunday. LAZZZZZZZY!!! The past week I have only survived because of high amounts of coffee and energy drinks. I thought I'd sleep in and lay about half the morning, I should be fine without a kick in the butt. Wow was I wrong! I had a massive head ache all day; me, the one who hardly ever even drinks soda was having coffee withdrawals! I ran some errands with a mad toddler, and then rushed to Nonie’s house to let him free. We went shopping for school supplies and groceries, then headed back to her house.

Here is where the trouble began! I should have never separated myself from the sane people while on withdrawals! I left her house to grab a bite to eat, leaving Bird too. I get to Chipotle, and I check to make sure they are open at 7pm on a Sunday; it says 11pm, on the door. Sweet Jesus I am going to get a burrito! I walk up to the counter and the guy says, “I am so sorry but we are closing. It’s this new thing we are doing for Sundays.” I shrug and turn to leave. He laughs at me and tells me he’s kidding, but only after I reach the door. So I tell him this momma is tired and hungry don’t mess with me. More or less. He took pity, and completed my order with jokes I wasn’t even gullible enough to believe. So I get in the car, and head to the grocery store. Nonie needs salt. I walked around the store three times, looking for the spices aisle. Since when do they not label the aisles???? I had to ask Mr. Hottie in the meat department where it was, too bad we know how Meat department guys end up! He was in full on flirt mode too, but Miss Mommy didn’t take the bait. I made my way to the front, and tried to check out with my one thing of salt, and the lady wouldn’t stop talking and let me go. Then it hit me, she was hitting on me too, dropped a line about getting home to the boyfriend, and ducked my way out. I will NEVER go back to Albertsons! Why did I venture into that territory?????

Start the car, go a couple feet, then sputter sputter, crap, GAS! I drove over to the store’s station, and get out to slide my card. I was parked on the wrong side! I had to pull around the other way. Ok, I can handle this, deep breath, slide card enter pin now, crap no, now, AH wrong again?! How about now? Victory dance! One dollar, two dollar, three, four, four dollars and fifty three cents, CLICK! Huh??? I pull the lever again, CLICK! Squeeze again, by this time the pump is yelling at me, it’s on strike, no more than $4.53 gas for my Albertson-hating-butt. I give up, I just want to get back and eat my burrito! I get to Nonie’s and realize I forgot to get Bird some. Dang, the burrito I have been dreaming about must now be shared with my buddy. By now I am loopy, losing it quickly, I need to get home be in a safe place for my withdrawal.

Drive home, my mind is all over, I am claiming temporary insanity, and there is no music all the way home on ever channel, just my luck! I get home, Bird in bed, and then I spill juice EVERYWHERE! Clean it up. Talk to Mrs. Army Wife she makes fun of me. Then I walk outside and there are mating bugs everywhere, really?! Really?! You had to pick my porch??? Come on! Run back inside; decide bed is the best place for me. My last mistake: running to the office for my computer. Along the way I knocked a ton of stuff off the desk, and pulled a drawer too far out emptying it all over. Joy. I have decided this busy mom is too tired, and gave myself permission to clean it up tomorrow. I am such a blonde-gullible-klutz today, and my only reason for it is no coffee for breakfast, so much for cutting back this means I need some tomorrow! After a good long hysterical laugh I decided even though I need to do laundry the bed is safest, I might end up with detergent all over myself if I try to do the wash!

That is all for tonight! Watch the other pages of an update here in the next day or so! Did I mention school starts this week for me; I am so ready to get this going!!!! Good night all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lots to Say.

I have been spending a lot of time just being with my family, and I am really enjoying it! My brother Zac and I have spent the last few days together joking around. We are pretty entertaining. Things that happen: blonde jokes, spaz moments, "Holy cow look at that butterfly!" singing out hearts out to techno beat music, "Oh my God no way is that the same butterfly?" and many more interesting but a little bit crazy things.

Where is this busy mom going next? Back to school! I start my classes again in a week or so, but I already have plans for my breaks too! Headed to Alaska for Fall Break to see my best friend Mrs. Army Wife. I am even thinking of looking at the college in Fairbanks to see if I want to transfer. I love her so much. A change of scenery would be nice! I am hoping to go ice fishing while I am there, that would make me so happy!

After my trip to Alaska, I am headed to Indiana for Winter break. Time to see even more family, I wanted a longer trip with them, with more snow, so Christmas it is! I might make a trip down to Georgia in this time too.

This busy mom is so ready for a vacation. Most people want hot tropical weather, but I want snow! I want to avoid yellow snow, black snow, slush, and blizzards, but I want a could foot or two of powder! I want to fall face first into a drift, maybe I will video tape it an give you a video blog one day! I want to make snow angels that actually look right, and have a snow ball fight. I might just be craving this because it was 114 degrees here yesterday, but hey even a mom can dream!

One of my best friends is going back to her duty station tomorrow, so I will be seeing her tonight. I am so thankful that she is home for a while, she just finished her year tour in Iraq. I am so thankful that she made it home safe. That gives me an idea, maybe I will go to Hawaii to visit her for Spring Break! There I got my tropical time in!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heres One for Zac… (I can post this I’m a blonde)

A blonde, wanting to earn some money, decided to hire herself out as a handyman-type and started canvassing a wealthy neighborhood. She went to the front door of the first house and asked the owner if he had any jobs for her to do.

"Well, you can paint my porch. How much will you charge?"
The blonde said, "How about 50 dollars?" The man agreed and told her that the paint and ladders that she might need were in the garage. The man's wife, inside the house, heard the conversation and said to her husband, "Does she realize that the porch goes all the way around the house?"
The man replied, "She should. She was standing on the porch."

A short time later, the blonde came to the door to collect her money.
"You're finished already?" he asked. "Yes," the blonde answered, "and I had paint left over, so I gave it two coats. "Impressed, the man reached in his pocket for the $50. "And by the way," the blonde added, "that's not a Porch, it's a Ferrari."

Internet Dating…

Worked at the gym early today, my love bug is knocked out in bed asleep. Its funny us girls get to talking and it seems like we all have the same story. When will we ever learn? Some men just don't change.

Like my little man for instance, he falls asleep every day on the way home from work. I thought if I got there quick enough I might be able to go grocery shopping, I should have known better, he was passed out when we pulled in. Then he looked so darn cute and peaceful that I didn't have the heart to wake him up, so we need to go shopping later tonight. If I don't go tonight someone will be mad when he doesn't have fruit gummies tomorrow!

A friend told me about a online dating site they used, and I have to admit I snorted a bit. Then I joined the site, just to look around. Not ten minutes in I got a ton of hits. Too bad they all live in other countries, looks like someone wants to come to America. I laughed so hard it was great! Now my inbox is loaded with "matches" which makes it even funnier, how in the heck do I have that many "love matches" good thing I'm not sticking around long enough to pay! Can you say SCAM? Plus I am not shallow or anything but come on why would I want to be matched with someone old enough to be my dad? Gross!


Today at the gym Bird played his little heart out! We worked 5-9pm so he was pretty excited to be up past bedtime! He doesn't like to love on "momma" while the big kids are around, but if she picks up another kid, he is there in a heart beat to be held too. He loves to play in the back room with all of the balls, and basketball hoops, its always hard to keep him out of there!

We had a beautiful baby girl today. She is so pretty, but she cries so much! Today Bird entertained her to her heart's content. He threw a ball to Momma and cutie for the whole hour and half she was there!

Sorry its a fuzzy picture, but no cameras allowed, so it was all cellphone! ;)

After spending time with his girlfriend, she left, and he moved on, to a blonde. He followed her every where! They had a movie date and watched The Chipmunks, spent sometime getting to know each other over blocks, and had a quick goodbye kiss when she left. It was a priceless moment when she went running to her Momma to tell her about the boy who kissed her (she was so excited).

Bird got to stay up until 10:30! We had to get home, eat, and settle down before he could go to bed. Tonights Lullaby movie: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Momma loves her baby boy!

Did I mention he has named me Momma this week? He actually calls me it too! :)

Hello There!

Here is my first post as "Busy Mom"!! I woke up this morning early (way before I should have been up) to heat. I know I live in Arizona, it gets hot, but I don't let it in the house, especially at night, I like my sleep, uninterrupted. It was so humid and uncomfortable I actually rolled myself out of bed to check instead of ignoring it. My usually 78 degree house was 85, and the air conditioning was running like crazy. It was so hot, but the dog still wanted to cuddle, Ugh!

Needless to say I didn't sleep well after that, the A/C ran all night, and all morning, "I think I can, I think I can." With no prevail. So we got up at 7am (an ungodly hour when I don't have plans) and headed to Nonie's house to cool off. Along the way the car made several funny noises, and it's air went out too!!! Dog Days of Summer!!!! As long as I go over 40mph it works! Is that a valid reason to speed? East Valley Police, please take pity on me!!!

After that I spent some time searching for a new job (I have a strong dislike for working at the gym) on Nonie's Ipad. We were going to help her set up her new class room, but she was bombarded with congratulations on her first trip, and never made it by to pick us up from her house.

There was a wonderful blessing from the housing department when I came home. AIR! They had fixed my air conditioning, God Bless them! We took naps in our air conditioned house, then headed to the gym to work (another ugh). Visit Bird's Nest to hear about his day in the Kidzone! We worked until 9pm, came home, ate, and went to bed! I feel very blessed today because of my air, and my wonderful son, who is now very comfortable with saying Momma :)