Tuesday, September 7, 2010

San Diego Adventure

Thursday Nonie went to the doctor; she has walking pneumonia, not a sinus infection like she thought. She wanted to go to Sea World any ways. Friday, we talk, and decide to wait to leave until the next morning. This is great for me because I am a terrible procrastinator, and I haven’t even packed, let alone finished fixing food. Sugar Momma had come over to watch the animals, so she spent the night. Carson and Sugar Baby love each other, Carson opens a door and Sugar Baby follows. Carson feeds Sugar Baby, and makes sure she has her bottle at all times, even when she doesn’t want it. We get a call from Nonie, she’s not feeling good at all, and doesn’t think she can go. But that’s ok; I don’t want her to be that person that makes all the other tourist go home sick. Finally we all settle down, we are in bed, sleeping and then I hear it. A groan comes from the air vent, Carson isn’t asleep anymore! Then there is a wail, I fly out of bed at a run, no waking up the other baby!! Once I am in there, my little bird smiles up then says “Momma, Drink!” and hands me his sippy cup. Good Lord! Is a wail that loud necessary over and empty cup? I guess I have just never noticed how loud he is, not until there was danger of waking another child up.

Saturday morning I wake up, and I decide I am going any ways! I need a break, and a weekend of fun! I ask Sugar Momma if she wants to go with, my treat, since I have all the food already. So we decide to just go! I rush and pack what I can think of, then we run to Sugar Momma’s house, but no one is home, and she can’t get in. So we go without some of the extra things she might need. We hit Nonie’s house to load up on a few other things, then off to San Diego we go! The babies both handle the car ride well, they fell asleep, and then we hit Yuma. We saw a billboard that just said “Call your parents” I had been talking to Nonie through text so I call Dad. We talk for a second, and then I realize the California boarder is coming up, No Phone Policy there, so I have to go. Just outside of Yuma there is a border patrol station. This officer with a hot European Accent flusters me. He asks “Citizenship?” I will admit my brain was fried, what the heck was he asking?? I give him the blank I’m-a-blonde-what-the-heck-do-you-want-me-to-say look. So he asks again, “Citizenship?” At this point I’m like don’t raise your eyebrows at me Mr. ask a complete question so I can freakin understand. So I tell him “What does that mean where do I live? I live in Arizona.” Again he just says “Citizenship?” I wanted to hit him, come on give me a dang hint! Then I see his patch, U.S. Border Patrol. Oh my goodness was I really that dense? What is the United States, John. (I love Jeopardy) Then he asks Sugar Momma, thankfully I answered right, so she didn’t have a blonde moment too. Then the weirdo asks the kids. Neither of them are even two yet, did he really think they were going to answer him?? Sugar Baby starts to wail, and large Border Patrol man breaks. He can’t handle it you can see the panic rising, so he tells us we can leave. Hallelujah thank you Sugar Baby!! By the time we make it to the next check point I know the answer, I am that dumb kid that raises their hand and says “Oh Oh me I know this one, please pick me I actually know it!!” Mr. Hottie waves us on, just looks in, and no questions. Burst my bubble. Finally we make it to the San Diego area; we actually stayed in La Jolla. The California roads are crazy; all the darn loops are nauseating! We had to go round and round a series of three and I want to puke! Then we hit the surface street. Cars park on the side of the road there, which is normal wouldn’t be a problem, if there was a parking lame. No they are parked half in the driving lame, and open their doors without looking the whole time. It was crazy. I figured if I drove like a maniac it was ok, they could just blame it on my being from out of state. I make it to the condo, and into the garage, no back tracking, and get down to the parking space, and jerk face has parked his car there. Where do I park my car? Ice Cream Man pays for that space; you cannot just take whatever you feel like because it is not in use. So I have to park in another space and leave a note. We get into the place; settle in get dinner cooking in the crock, and head to find the “close by” Target. I don’t know if I am challenged or not, but we followed the GPS in a HUGE circle and finally made it to the Target, but they were closing in fifteen minutes, and didn’t have what we needed. BTW Target in California is more ghetto than Wal-mart, or Kmart! It was scary! We find a Wal-mart, get what we need and ogle at hot men while in line.  Head back to the condo and indoor camp on air mattresses. Carson is not a good sleeping buddy.

Sunday I work on calling a tow truck to get jerk face out of my space for the weekend. Finally the tow truck shows up and Mrs. Jerk face pulls in behind him. Calls hubby and has him move it, the tow company can’t take it if the owner shows up. I tell the lady that it has been months of notes and problems with her husband that we will take legal action against him if he keeps it up. Of course jerk face claims there has been no communication. I laughed at him and asked him if he remembered arguing with Ice Cream Man’s daughter, because I knew it was him that did it. You don’t mess with family, and Ice Cream Man is family, thus so are the girls. Argue with angry Momma Bear, and I will take you down. I think he realized the danger and just moved his car. Mrs. Jerk Face was nice, I feel bad she is stuck with a guy like that, but she can always get out, so I’m not to sorry. After this we take a trip to the beach!! We forgot to buy Sugar Momma a swim suit, so I’m in the waves in my skirt, and she’s wading in her shorts, which was fine. We walked the beach for a couple hours, and the babies did not care at all to touch the water. I would put Carson down as the waves came in, and he would only get his feet wet, but he hated it! Sugar Momma and I walked the beach with the babies on our hips until we were worn out. Then headed back to the condo for a nap. Carson did not take a nap, at all. After this we drove around looking for a place to eat, and ran out of gas. We are sitting there getting the strollers together when two hot guys pull up. They ask us for directions and leave us behind. What is wrong with people?! So we walked a half mile to a gas station where the gas guy was way cute, and got gas and hiked back to the car. After that we just wanted a little bit of home, so we ate at Coco’s instead of a California place. Then to the condo and bed!

Monday: We loaded the strollers up, and walked to get coffee from Starbucks (yum!). Then we packed the condo, and cleaned our mess. We headed to San Diego to shop in Seaport Village. Oh my goodness this place was ridiculous! The cost to park was outrageous, and there was so many people that we decided not to even get out. So we drove home! We stopped in the dunes for dinner, and continued on our way. In Maricopa I got pulled over for a damaged license, but no ticket! It is really good to be home in my own bed! The trip was a disaster, but it was so funny that everything went wrong, if it had been with any other friend I would have hated it, but Sugar Momma made it great!