Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter Weekend

I had an amazing weekend!!! I went down to Indianapolis on Friday, to stay with my aunt for the weekend. Saturday morning we went to Dalton's Pantry and worked. Here is a video that shows you what they are all about:

Its a really great place. JR runs many different missions in the area of Indianapolis. There's a Soup Kitchen, Dalton's Pantry and a few others. The rule is the people in need of help have to be willing to help others too. They keep track of which mission you worked at, then you can get help from the group. He sells gently used clothing for cents, when there is an odd amount of produce left over from the last week he will sell those for cheap. If you buy a used tire from JR's tire shops that money goes towards feed a whole family!! So Saturday each family got a bag full of propel water, a bag of fruit, two bags of vegetables (fresh), a bag of boxed items, and a bag full of prickly pear cactus pads. The cactus pads can be cooked in various different ways, and there is a large Hispanic population in that part of the town, so it gives them some of their own home style cooking. Lastly a lady donated 40+ Easter baskets for the kids. She called JR a couple weeks ago to have him pick up the baskets. When he showed up she told him that she was going to lose her house, because she couldn't afford to pay for it any more. Instead of worrying about herself, she was more worried that the kids that JR helps wasn't going to have Easter baskets to enjoy. It was very touching!! She called JR last week, the mortgage company lowed her monthly payment by $350 a month. God is good!! My aunt and I worked on packaging the veggies, and helping hand them out. We were beginning to get worried, because it looked like we might run out before the end of the line. Instead we had just enough the last guy took the last bag! It was truly an amazing experience!!

From there we went straight to an outreach party for kids put on by the Hip Hop Christian Connection. The event was about bringing an Easter party to kids who would not otherwise get one, and also explaining the real meaning of Easter to them. We had all sorts of crafts and games for them to play, and of course they left with bags filled with goodies! I ran one of the craft booths. We took twine and wooden crosses and made necklaces. There was Christian hip hop music, hot dogs, punch and lots of fun for the kids! If you live in Indy you should check them out! Their one year anniversary is May 1st! There was about thirty kids at Saturday's event, and they all learned a little more about Resurrection day, and Jesus. It was beautiful!

After this we went back to my aunt's house and enjoyed ourselves. I went threw a box of her pictures for a secret project I am working on, and just relaxed. Sunday morning we went to church at The Blended Church they had a really cool service, they did a spin on The Late Show. It was entertaining, but there was also some parts where members told their stories of how God turned their lives around it was AMAZING!

This Saturday is my twenty first birthday. My only plans so far is to work at Dalton's Pantry again. I think that will be my regular thing on Saturdays now, as long as I don't have to work. I would love to see you there! Count it as my birthday present ;)
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Kristi a.k.a. Kristi8004 said...

Awww sounds like you had an Awesome weekend!! Love the blog!!

Aimee said...

I really did! Thanks for stopping by Kristi!!