Sunday, September 25, 2011

Subway Art

So I went to Arizona last weekend and picked up my son from his dad's house. While I was there my mom and I got into a craft project. A friend of her's had given her the idea. She took some of her favorite art works and turned them into word art. This is how my mom's turned out:

I really liked how it turned out! I am not big on classic art, so this was really difficult for me. My mom gave me the idea to go to the scrapbook store and just do the colors in my living room. We went to the Scrapbook Barn in Gilbert, and the ladies were very rude and unhelpful, so I decided I did not want to buy from them. In the end my mom came up with the idea to use subway art. I spent the next hour or so creating my own subway art. 

I took that page and made my letters.

It was really simple. You just have to buy the flat letters at your local craft store. Print out the art work you want, making it fit the entire 8.5 by 11 page. Trace the letters on the page, then cut them out. Next you cover the letters with double sided sticky tape and place your cut outs on top! I had a lot of fun making mine!