Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Great Quick Workout" {Pinercise}

So I have decided I really want to get back into shape. Technically I am not too over weight, only 5 pounds out of my healthy range for my height. I have noticed however I am becoming more and more dependent on my inhaler to make it through the day, and I think losing a few pounds and being more fit would definitely help. So I decided to start "Pinercise" posts, exercises I find on Pinterest! If you would like to see my exercise board you can view it here: http://pinterest.com/amspicer/exercise/ 

So today's work out. I thought it would be super easy, boy was I wrong. I don't know if I am just way out of shape or if it really was a work out, but it took twenty minutes, and I was sweating like crazy! Yum! Just kidding. I am not sure where I got this, it says I uploaded it to my pinboard, but I sure don't claim it!

I went ahead and searched each pose to make sure I was doing them right, so here they are:
Leg lifts:
(I wimped out and did side lifts instead)


Sumo Squats:

Calve raises:

Arm Circles:

Push ups:
Jumping Jacks:
Mini Planks:

Let me know if you try this out!