Friday, May 28, 2010

Once again… Shoes….. and a few other boy things

We are having tons of fun with shoes! If Bird is not wearing shoes he gets either mine or Brad's and puts them on. When we are checking out at the counter and he talks to the guy behind about his shoes. We play outside and he tries to play with the neighbor's feet because she has shoes on. He also points to Elmos feet and talks about shoes with a question on his face, because Elmo doesn't wear shoes. Can't even go to Nonie's house with out Bird putting on Stuart's slippers :)  I have a new plan for a slide show soon of all the shoe pictures, watch for it :)

Today Bird decided to throw a caterpiller on me. Of course I freaked out, since all I saw was a worm like thing squirming around and flying at me. After i had calmed down and he quit laughing he came running to me. I thought he was going in for the butter-me-up-because-I-did-something-wrong-kiss, instead he chomped down on my big toe! All this before noon! It was a crazy day!

At KidZone Bird took a bite out of a biscut, some pizza, and some lettuce. Would have been a pretty good meal, if they hadn't been the plastic food from the toy kitchen set. This boy is the key to constant entertainment!

This is an older picture of Bird and Carter playing in fake snow at Buffalo Wild Wings :)