Friday, May 28, 2010

Treasure Chest Cake!

I made this cake for Bird's first birthday. I made it with the Homemade Yellow Cake Mix. I found a wonderful video of how to make this cake!


I did wait to frost until after I had "glued" the wedge to the lid. I felt like that was easier then trying to move a frosted cake :)

This is what Bird's looked like:

I also did a large cupcake with the yellow cake mix. You can do a large one, or do a tin of regular sized cupcakes.

I just frosted the cupcake with white, and made his bandana with a fruit roll up and icing his eye and mouth. The scruff is chocolate sprinkles :)

If you feel like making an elaborate cake is too much for you, or you have a bunch of mouths to feed buy a plain sheet cake and decorate it your self! This is cheaper, and very easy! Plus sometimes your child's theme isn't a theme that the local grocery store has at the time. I used brown sugar to make the sand, chocolate sprinkles to make the line to follow, and icing to mark the spot! With a couple of cheap toys from the dollar store the cake looks almost professional!!