Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meat Loaf Burgers!

Can't get your kids or even your spouse to eat their veggies? Hide them!!

1-2 cups veggies
1 lbs turkey meat

I used Jennie-O turkey meat, and a mixture of carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. I recommend steaming the vegetables before hand, DO NOT BOIL! Boiling causes a ton of nutrients to be lost! You can either buy the microwavable bags in the freezer section, or steam fresh ones in your steamer!

After vegetables are cooked chop them up to a fairly fine consistency. Then mix the veggies with your turkey meat! Roll the meat into several balls, then flatten into patties. Cook in a pan on the stove on medium heat until cooked through. I would not grill, because the might fall apart. You can eat them plain to be very healthy, or put them on a bun with cheese as a disguised meal! Did you know that mustard does not have any calories? Skip the ketchup tonight and just do mustard, your family will never know they just got a serving of vegetables!