Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2...

Once again I cannot pick just one movie that is my favorite. I can however pick two :) My two all time favorite movies are

Dirty Dancing


The Princess Bride

I think Dirty Dancing is a pretty obvious one, I like the dancing, Patrick and the whole concept of summer love. This movie is a fictional explanation of how dirty dancing began and flourished, shocking the parents, but taking over the dance floor. This movie is inspirational in its self. I can curl up to watch this any day! (the only thing that sucks, one the new DVD you need a remote to play the movie, and my remote likes to go on vacation regularly)

I love The Princess Bride, because it is a traditional fairy tale, but for grown ups. It's a little more sick and twisted, but that is because its following more closely to the book. I also really like this one, because in speech and debate in high school I had to play Vicinii, and I loved it! Who doesn't like a movie with fight scenes, pirates, princesses and Rodents Of Unusual Size?