Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days of Me... Day 1

I was roaming around the internet today, and found Sarah's blog The Charmed Mom with a post about how she didn't know what to write on the days that she finally had time too. A friend gave her an idea to do thirty days about herself. You can find her original posting Here I thought I would "join" her! So here's the schedule:

Day One: Your Favorite Song

Day Two: Your Favorite Movie

Day Three: Your Favorite Television Program

Day Four: Your Favorite Book

Day Five: Your Favorite Quote

Day Six: 20 of My Favorite Things

Day Seven: A Photo That Makes You Happy

Day Eight: A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad

Day Nine: A Photo You Took

Day Ten: A Photo Taken Over Ten Years Ago of You

Day Eleven: A Photo of You Recently

Day Twelve: Something You are OCD About

Day Thirteen: A Fictional Book

Day Fourteen: A Non-Fictional Book

Day Fifteen: Your Dream Home

Day Sixteen: A Song That Makes You Cry (Or Nearly)

Day Seventeen: An Art Piece (Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Etc)

Day Eighteen: Your Wedding/Future Wedding

Day Nineteen: A Talent of Yours

Day Twenty: A Hobby of Yours

Day Twenty-one: A Recipe

Day Twenty-two: A Website

Day Twenty-three: A Youtube Video

Day Twenty-four: Where I Live

Day Twenty-five: Your Day, In Great Detail

Day Twenty-six: Your Week, In Great Detail

Day Twenty-seven: My Worst Habit

Day Twenty-eight: Whats in My Handbag/Purse

Day Twenty-nine: My Hopes, Dreams, Plans, For the Next 365 Days

Day Thirty: A Dream for The Future Beyond the Next Year

So here goes Day 1:

I don't really have on favorite song, I like to many kinds of music, and too many of the songs to pick just one. A song that has been stuck in my head for days, but I haven't grown tired of is this one:

Sugarland "Stuck Like Glue"