Friday, July 5, 2013

Darn! <Pinercise>

Well I had written a nice long post, but it was lost while I went to get a picture to add to it. Lesson learned: always save! Any way instead I have a Pinercise post for you! 

I did this workout this morning that supposedly the Victoria Secret models do. Honestly, I don't believe it. There is not enough to it to create such results. It's a good workout, but it's only ten minutes long. Have you seen those girls? They are babes. There is no way they only do this ten minute exercise. I am sure they all have personal trainers and personalized routines and nutrition. Anyways the exercise...

It's a ten minute video for a "full body" workout. Check it out here:

The workout itself burned a tiny bit during  the process, but a couple hours later I really can't even tell I worked out today. I like to be sore and bone tired after sweating. 

Also I would not recommend this workout for asthmatics (like me). All the jumping side to side triggered an awesome reaction from my poor lungs. A ten minute not-so-muscle-defining workout made me best friends with the breathing machine this morning. Tis a shame. I would willingly be long term friends with my machine if it meant the routine worked. As I am not loving it I probably will not do it again. Have any of you tried it? How did you feel?