Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lots to Say.

I have been spending a lot of time just being with my family, and I am really enjoying it! My brother Zac and I have spent the last few days together joking around. We are pretty entertaining. Things that happen: blonde jokes, spaz moments, "Holy cow look at that butterfly!" singing out hearts out to techno beat music, "Oh my God no way is that the same butterfly?" and many more interesting but a little bit crazy things.

Where is this busy mom going next? Back to school! I start my classes again in a week or so, but I already have plans for my breaks too! Headed to Alaska for Fall Break to see my best friend Mrs. Army Wife. I am even thinking of looking at the college in Fairbanks to see if I want to transfer. I love her so much. A change of scenery would be nice! I am hoping to go ice fishing while I am there, that would make me so happy!

After my trip to Alaska, I am headed to Indiana for Winter break. Time to see even more family, I wanted a longer trip with them, with more snow, so Christmas it is! I might make a trip down to Georgia in this time too.

This busy mom is so ready for a vacation. Most people want hot tropical weather, but I want snow! I want to avoid yellow snow, black snow, slush, and blizzards, but I want a could foot or two of powder! I want to fall face first into a drift, maybe I will video tape it an give you a video blog one day! I want to make snow angels that actually look right, and have a snow ball fight. I might just be craving this because it was 114 degrees here yesterday, but hey even a mom can dream!

One of my best friends is going back to her duty station tomorrow, so I will be seeing her tonight. I am so thankful that she is home for a while, she just finished her year tour in Iraq. I am so thankful that she made it home safe. That gives me an idea, maybe I will go to Hawaii to visit her for Spring Break! There I got my tropical time in!!