Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today at the gym Bird played his little heart out! We worked 5-9pm so he was pretty excited to be up past bedtime! He doesn't like to love on "momma" while the big kids are around, but if she picks up another kid, he is there in a heart beat to be held too. He loves to play in the back room with all of the balls, and basketball hoops, its always hard to keep him out of there!

We had a beautiful baby girl today. She is so pretty, but she cries so much! Today Bird entertained her to her heart's content. He threw a ball to Momma and cutie for the whole hour and half she was there!

Sorry its a fuzzy picture, but no cameras allowed, so it was all cellphone! ;)

After spending time with his girlfriend, she left, and he moved on, to a blonde. He followed her every where! They had a movie date and watched The Chipmunks, spent sometime getting to know each other over blocks, and had a quick goodbye kiss when she left. It was a priceless moment when she went running to her Momma to tell her about the boy who kissed her (she was so excited).

Bird got to stay up until 10:30! We had to get home, eat, and settle down before he could go to bed. Tonights Lullaby movie: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Momma loves her baby boy!

Did I mention he has named me Momma this week? He actually calls me it too! :)