Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Opinion. (Ok its a rant, but don't say I didn't warn you)

I have so many ideas, and opinions today I don't even know where to start! I made this AMAZING list of topics, and paced my self out with them, and now I want to skip my first topic!! That is me for you, I have way to many EXCITING ideas, my blonde brain can't handle it.

First thing, is it sad my blackberry is better than my computer? I can text away the whole post on that thing, and it will fix all the errors! I don't have to put in apostrophes and capitalize, What a pain! Oh and I SUCK at spelling, the phone fixes it automatically! With the computer I still have to go into spell check, really?! really?! that's pathetic!

Second thing, Don't freaking tell me its time for my kid to be potty trained. He's not even two yet for God's sake, I am so proud that he has even shown interest and peed in the potty. Your kid is older and your kid isn't potty train. Don't make yourself feel better by putting me down. This chic has a freakin five year old still in diapers, not pull ups, or training pants, DIAPERS! I am glad my kid isn't old enough to understand how to aim at the cheerios in your toilet bowl. My son will still be "dropping the kids off at the pool" before yours!

Third thought, Don't pick your nose and drive, just because my eyes are on the road doesn't mean I'm not looking. Heck this is my only time to openly look for hotties with out trying to be sneaky.

Another thing I was thinking about. Justin Bieber. "Bieber Fever" has hit every where, but he just frustrates me. He is too young to be talking about love and romance the way he does. Your trip around the sandbox, and over the crosswalk to McDonalds with that chic wasn't love. I'm just saying. You just need "Somebody to Love" ?? Sure so do I and the other half of the world. Boy go home and love your Momma! She deserves it!

I was told today that I am loving. It made me smile, because it came from such a true friend I don't think I have ever been angry with them. I hope it stays that way, because they might not think I am loving after that. After some thought though I realized this is my problem. I love too much. I fall in love easily, and I love for a long time, so I am blind to the flaws longer than most. Why me? Not only is my poker face broken but I love too much. The only good thing that has come from this is my lack of trust. I know doesn't sound good, but mess with me once, I don't trust you again. It will always be lurking in the back ground. Keep your slate clean and we will do just fine!

Gym Daycares. Do you realize what they pay us? And you want to walk in there treating us like crap, while we watch your nasty mean kid so you can take a break. Don't lie, you know what your kid is like, you should be bringing us presents! We have one kid who is terrible, been kicked out of several gyms already. That's right he is so bad other gyms have talked to us to warn us! The other day he tells mom, "I hate this place time for us to find a new gym." It took everything I had to hold my tongue. "Please do" was screaming in my head. I am sorry, but I don't have much patience for a kid that socked mine, and hit me all in the same day.

Hospitals: No way in hell, not even if McDreamy is there to hold my hand. If you haven't figured that out, I think I just explained it well enough. I will only go kicking and screaming, or strapped down and unconscious.

Crayola makers: LIES!!! They are so not washable, it just fades.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: AMAZING, this is God's sponge, he just accidentally dropped it.

I am sorry I ranted today, but I had some strong opinions I felt needed sharing. If you are a new reader please forgive me and try again soon, just imagine the line was busy, and you didn't get through. Regular readers, comment! and you get to play pretend too. I am your favorite restaurant, the new waitress sucks, but you will keep coming back. For now its best to call out, "Check Please!" and run for the door!


Zac said...

Way to steal my joke lol :D

diaryofabusymom said...

I thought you might like that! :)