Monday, August 23, 2010


I spent a majority of the morning being sick. I thought this scratchy throat of mine was just stress, but its getting worse. It has been two weeks now since I had a working voice that sounded normal. I guess its time to see the doctor. Its a good thing I already have an appointment next week.

Baby's Daddy came over to pick up more of his stuff. Slowly but surely this house will be filled with only my stuff. I am moving everything left into the spare room so I can proceed with decorating! I am going to use this picture in my bedroom:

Its from Nonie's trip to Greece with the Ice Cream Man. I love it, and she made me a huge copy. I am thinking one blue wall and three pretty pictures will make my room AMAZING! After this, Bird's room!

Later in the evening I went to dinner with Matthew and ten other people to network with them! I met quite a few people that I hope to continue relationships with! I didn't get to talk too much with Matthew's wife, but the little bit that I did, I love her! She is so smiley and happy! I also met a very nice guy who works for Century Fox. He has many stories to share, I look forward to hearing more. He started at Harkins ripping tickets, and now he works with stars, you can do anything you put your mind to! I met three couples there too. One couple was very sweet, I hope to be in a relationship like theirs someday. In the second couple, one was an interior designer, and the other helped businesses manage and over come debt. The last couple I sat down with was a fun set! They meshed so well, they own an auto repair shop, and he sings karaoke on the side! Because the theater changed movie times on us I was not able to make the movie. I was a little bummed since we were seeing Inception. Yeah yeah I have seen it twice, but its that good!

On the way home from dinner my back pain came back, ten fold. I even contemplated the hospital, which is a big deal for me. I usually choose pain and suffer over hospitals. Especially if it means I have to go there alone. Nope, not for me! Said back pain is the reason for my doctors appointment. For now I will stick to Tylenol, which, is what I really need right now. I just have to make it to Wednesday.

Overall though dinner makes up for my malfunctioning back. The food was great (BJ's Brewery) and the company even better!